Coronavirus has mutated thousands of times in a few months

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Today, the efforts of many scientists are aimed at developing a vaccine against coronavirus. Studies each time show that the virus constantly mutates. This greatly complicates all processes.

According to Stefan Becker, head of the department of virology at the University of Marburg, mutations come from the fact that the virus tends to multiply. If the “victim” turned out to be immune, then the virus in every way tries to get around the barrier due to its change.

So far, there are no barriers to the coronavirus in the form of a vaccine or some means, but at the same time it actively mutates. This surprises scientists. Thousands of Covid-19 mutations are known today, although a couple of months ago there were about fifty of them. Experts fear that with each new mutation, the virus will become more and more dangerous. People may begin to not tolerate the disease, it will become fatal.

If the vaccine is developed, it may not be effective. Professor Becker expects that by the middle of next year they will receive permission for mass use of the vaccine. Until this time, it will be applied to volunteers.


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