Coronavirus has led to an increase in crime in America

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The norms of society are formed for a long time. Even a hint of their change, as a rule, causes a negative reaction – changes are rarely perceived positively. Quite often, changes are the result of an unexpected and large-scale event, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

The rapidly spreading coronavirus threatens the existence of mankind, which is why the norms of society are changing quite quickly. People began to wear masks in public places, as this is one of the conditions to be healthy. A mask is required to ride the bus. In order to buy products in a supermarket, you need to have a mask on your face. Even when catching a criminal, the policeman should be in a protective mask, writes The National Interest.

The authorities of almost every American city regularly introduce new requirements and restrictions. Some companies easily adapt to life during a pandemic, while others are painfully and with loss accustomed to new realities.

Recently, more and more disgruntled Americans have been holding street protests, and there is a growing clash between those who support the quarantine imposed by the authorities (mainly medical workers who save their lives every day and see how coronavirus patients die) and those who consider tough restrictions on violation of constitutional rights (mainly owners of small and medium-sized businesses, incurring significant financial losses).

So, in Baltimore, life for one part of society – life support workers, bus drivers, grocery store cashiers and police officers – has become difficult and dangerous. For residents of the city who are at odds with the law, the coronavirus has opened up “new opportunities.” Over the past month, the number of murders, robberies and abductions of ATMs has sharply increased.

The authorities of Baltimore, like many other American cities, faced apocalyptic problems, including a shortage of hospital beds and mechanical ventilation for the seriously ill, a shortage of personal protective equipment for medical staff, a paralyzed economy, and a rapid increase in unemployment. The tension in Baltimore was also intensified by the unscheduled meeting of city authorities on April 9 with local union leaders.

The economic consequences of the fight against coronavirus are projected to lead to a decrease in the city’s income in fiscal year 2021 by at least $ 103 million, which must be partially offset by lowering the salaries of police and firefighters or by dismissing them. The police union described the proposal as “a manifestation of the extremely poor leadership of the city.”

The firefighters union also remained dissatisfied with the meeting, calling the proposal to cut salaries and lay off “strange.” “We know that the city must balance its budget by July and that everyone is affected by the pandemic,” the firefighters union said in a statement. “But offering such a sacrifice to our members who risk their lives every day is unacceptable and annoying.”

On April 10, or the day after the city authorities met with union leaders, several ATMs were stolen from stores, and in the daytime, which indicates the insolence of criminals. On April 15, police found an abandoned truck in one of the city streets, in the back of which there were disassembled ATMs. On April 21, Baltimore criminals dealt a new blow, robbing another store in the city center. The rapid rise in crime and the powerlessness of the police are the new norm in America’s pandemic.


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