Coronavirus created in the lab?!

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The coronavirus may have been created in the laboratory in 2015. At least that’s what a TG3 chronicle said in 2015, where scientists said they processed nude mice and mice. But even the Italian prime minister and virologists say COVID 19 has nothing to do with that research.

Debates that the coronavirus was created in the laboratory have been brought back to the media.

In 2015, TG3 reported a news that Chinese scientists were working on exactly this part.

“Chinese scientists create a pulmonary super virus from night bats and mice. It is for scientific purposes only but there are many protests, is it worth the risk. It’s just a search, but it worries many scientists. A group of researchers put a nocturnal bats protein into the sars virus, the acute polmonite, obtained from mice. And a super virus is created that can affect people, stays locked in labs. But is it worth the risk to create such a big threat just to examine it? ”

Remembering that the debate over the dangers of research is as old as science itself, the journalist also remembers the myth of Ikaros, who collapses as he challenges the sun with the wings created by his father Daedalus.

A group of Chinese have managed to create an alchemy of a modified organism by putting a coronavirus protein, the nocturnal bats, the most common species, on a sars-provoking virus, acute pneumonia, though not in a deadly form in rats. It was suspected that the protein could hit people, and in fact experiments confirmed this. And it is precisely this molecule SHC014 that allows the coronavirus to hit the respiratory cells causing the syndromes. According to researchers, furthermore the original and the created organism can contaminate humans directly from the bats without passing through a third species such as the rat. Even a year ago funding was cut off as the virus became more and more contaminated.

In the end, it is said that part of the scientists demanded that his virus not be created enough to endanger and one day go unchecked.

And nowadays it is the coronavirus that has panicked the world.

But after this news, reactions were not lacking.

The Italian Prime Minister Conte states that there are references that COVID 19 is not related to the current coronavirus.

Even Italian virologists express the same opinion.


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