Coronavirus cases continue to grow worldwide

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Coronavirus has taken a new bar – 3 million 660 thousand infected worldwide. The new anti-record in the United States, where the number of deaths exceeded 70 thousand. An increase in mortality is also noted in Brazil. The death toll per day was a record 600 people. The jump is recorded in Mexico.

Parking Sunset Park in Brooklyn no longer accepts ordinary cars. Here is now a temporary morgue of dozens of refrigerators. There is no place in the morgues. For the storage of bodies they give away all possible sites, including hockey stadiums and areas for mass skating.

“I understand why they decided to use the ice rink because they have a lot of bodies that have nowhere to go. In fact, this is probably the best way to take care of this with a shortage of morgues,” says Washington resident Maria Arisso.

The number of deaths in the United States from coronavirus exceeded 71 thousand. Funeral services, like doctors, work without interruption. Not only morgues, but also crematoria were not ready for this.

“Our wall collapsed. The brick wall of one of the furnaces. Usually it was exposed to temperature from 14 to 18 thousand degrees for 8 or 9 hours. Now, the effect of the heat lasts for 16-18 hours. Previously, we had ten bodies in day, now there are about 25 of them, and all the ceremonies are scheduled until the beginning of June, a month in advance, “says Richard Moylan, head of the Green Wood crematorium in New York.

In Brazil, only hospitals are crowded so far. However, the situation may go according to the American scenario. The country recorded a new anti-record for the number of deaths – 600 per day. Responsibility lies with authorities who urge quarantine.

“President Jair Bolsonaru on television urges people to go out into the streets, go back to work. He says that this is a slight flu. It’s disgusting! My mother seduced him, went out, and what? Now I have to bury her! Watch, watch how a lot of hearse! ”

However, governors in the Brazilian states impose restrictive measures without a decree from above for the sake of public safety. In addition to closing shopping centers and self-isolation, in Sao Paulo, for example, from tomorrow it will be mandatory to wear masks in public places.

Looking at the neighbors, Colombia also decided not to go on leniency – the national quarantine was extended until May 25. In Mexico, hundreds of prisoners will be released in prison to fight coronavirus. According to the authorities of Mexico City, about 800 people who fall under conditions of parole will go into self-isolation, but will be released into self-isolation. No serious crimes were committed, and the prison term is drawing to a close.


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