Coronavirus appeared in the US before its detection in Wuhan: evidence presented

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(ORDO NEWS) — Between December 13 and January 17, the Red Cross collected blood samples from the Americans, which were recently donated to the laboratory. As it turned out, 106 people out of 7,389 who donated blood were infected.

They started talking about the massive spread of coronavirus in January this year, while there were already cases in the United States at the beginning of December 2019. This means that the strain in America appeared several weeks before the officially reported cases in China.

The blood test was performed by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 106 samples contained antibodies to coronavirus, which indicates infection. Scientists are seriously thinking about the theory that the infection actually began circulating around the world much earlier, but only at the end of December did it become widespread.

Officially in the United States, the presence of the strain was revealed only on January 19, that is, a month later. Some experts point out that there is more than one proof of the spread of the virus long before the outbreak of panic. Previous tests of the patients’ blood showed the presence of antibodies, although, according to health organizations, the coronavirus was not yet in the testing regions. Mass infection was not observed, but there were isolated cases.

It is not yet possible to draw any precise conclusions, since the study sample is extremely small. It takes time to find out the truth.


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