Coronavirus adapts: why scientists are worried about new mutations

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(ORDO NEWS) — Experts are sure that a new mutation of the coronavirus can lead to serious changes in its evolution, but so far they have no confirmation of this.

Mutation of the virus can scare many, but in some situations, changes can lead to the fact that it does not spread so quickly and eventually dies.

So far, experts cannot prove that the new mutation, which was found in England, can be transmitted faster and provoke the onset of life-threatening symptoms. But there are two reasons at once to monitor the situation closely.

The number of cases of infection with a new type of virus has increased. The second reason is the direct mutation of this virus. Professor Nick Lohman said the coronavirus has too many mutations. Much more than scientists actually expected.

Experts have discovered two new mutations to date. Both of them concern the spike protein of the coronavirus.

The N501 mutation affects the most important part of the protein that allows the virus to enter cells. The second mutation, H69 / V70, worried scientists that people who have been ill develop weaker antibodies than other strains.


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