CORONA RETURNS: one hundred million people in China are again in quarantine

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Not so long ago, China breathed a sigh of relief, because it was able to defeat the scourge, which did not allow it to return to normal life for several months. Unfortunately, the joy of the Chinese did not last long: in the north-east of the country, authorities again imposed strict quarantine.

Re-infections occurred in the cities of Jilin and Shulan, which are located in the northeast of China. In total, 34 people fell ill. It would seem that this is a drop in the bucket against the backdrop of the situation in the world, but the Chinese authorities have decided not to risk it.

Today, the lives of one hundred million people are pausing again: you can leave the house once every few days and only one at a time, public transport is canceled, and schools are closed.

The people of China are alarmed, their nervous system is at the limit. Everyone thought that the worst during this epidemic was over, but as it turned out, this is not entirely true. No one knows when the nightmare will end.

New infections were identified after reports by the Chinese publications South China Morning Post and Bloomberg. A commission was convened in the province to verify the situation, and six local officials were fired.

This story shows the fragility of quarantining people. At the slightest hint of the return of the coronavirus, authorities immediately re-enter quarantine. In recent days, no more than 10 people have been infected per day in China. A decrease in the incidence was observed in early March, when the number of infected did not exceed 100 per day.

Note that many countries, especially the United States, do not trust China. In their opinion, all the statistics of the Middle Kingdom are false and twisted.


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