Copper can destroy coronavirus particles

(ORDO NEWS) — Copper can effectively destroy coronavirus particles. Scientists came to this conclusion after conducting an appropriate experiment.

As the scientists explained, as a result of corrosion, copper begins to release positively charged ions into the environment, which are harmful to the coronavirus.

And for this, the metal must be sprayed in a very small amount. The experiment was carried out on Staphylococcus aureus. As a result, the growth of these bacteria stopped.

Then the coronavirus was included in the study. As it turned out, just an hour after the impact of COVID-19 on copper, the spread of the pathogen stopped. The effect varied depending on the sequence of deposition and its thickness.

In addition to copper, the scientists also used silver in their experiment. However, the results were unsatisfactory.

This metal failed to reduce the viral load. The results of the corresponding study were published in the scientific journal Nature.


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