Container with Nazi gold found in Poland

(ORDO NEWS) — Treasure hunters from Poland made a statement that they managed to find a metal container in an old palace. They believe that the Nazis hid their gold and various jewelry during World War II in it.

In this case, we are talking about a huge canister. It was buried at a depth of almost 3 meters from the surface.

Treasure hunters found a treasure canister in an abandoned greenhouse, which is located on the territory of an old palace in the small village of Minkovsk. This incredible discovery was made through the use of georadar search.

Information was found in the diary of SS officer Egon Ollenhauer that after the Soviet troops began to advance during the war, Adolf Hitler gave the order to carefully hide 260 trucks containing treasures throughout Poland.

The treasures contained gold, as well as coins, various medals, numerous jewelry and works of art. Most of all the treasures were looted by the Nazis.

There is also information that some of the value was transferred by the Polish aristocrats themselves, who did not want their property to fall into the hands of the Red Army.

The fact that another excavation began in the southern region of Poland was announced in the spring of 2021.

The building, which was used by the Nazis as a brothel, also hides Breslau’s gold underneath. These are securities, documents, works of art and other valuables that have been carefully packed and protected by waterproof boxes.

To this day, this treasure has not been found. In addition, experts expect that another 10 tons of gold are hidden under the building. According to preliminary estimates, all the treasures hidden by the Nazis are estimated at a minimum of $700 million.


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