Conspiracy theories that turned out to be true

(ORDO NEWS) — Recently, conspiracy theories have become popular and everything that, one way or another, concerns conspiracies. People are talking about laboratories that produce coronavirus, and on the network they are discussing Zuckerberg’s attitude towards reptilians, and this is quite normal, because it fully corresponds to human nature. Let’s remember the most unusual, but in the end, turned out to be true conspiracy theories of the last century.

CIA mind control experiments

Rumors that the main US intelligence agency was asleep and seeing how to learn how to control human consciousness, periodically surfaced throughout the Cold War. But as it turned out, these rumors had a foundation, since from 1953 to 1964, the CIA actually conducted experiments on people, setting ambitious goals to learn how to control human thoughts.

Now it sounds like the plot of a primitive Hollywood thriller, but the citizens of the United States who fell under the “distribution” were not at all in the mood for jokes. In the course of inhuman experiments, people were given psychotropic substances and psychedelics without their knowledge, like the drug LSD fashionable among hippies.

But that’s not all – the test subjects were subjected to sensory deprivation, electroshock therapy and hypnosis in an attempt to gain control over their minds. It got to the point that they began to experiment with neurolinguistic programming of personality.

The most unpleasant thing is that all these experiments were carried out not just without the knowledge of people, but under the guise of their treatment for various ailments. The CIA MK-Ultra program covered 86 major US university centers, 12 hospitals and even three prisons. Objects were located throughout the country from sunny California to snow-covered Alaska.

Some of the experiments were carried out on incurable cancer patients, assuring them that this is the newest way to combat their illness. Only two deaths have been officially confirmed among the involuntary participants in the experiments, but it is easy to guess that the US authorities have made every effort to hide their crimes against their own citizens.

The Tuskegee experiment

Conspiracy theories associated with deliberately infecting people for drug research have always been held in high esteem. They are not unfounded and this is a historical fact. The Tuskegee experiment is the most brutal experience on its own population, not only in the United States, but throughout the world. It lasted from 1932 to 1972 and claimed the lives of at least 500 African Americans. The goal of the study was simple – the researchers wanted to find out how much better blacks tolerate syphilis than whites.

To do this, doctors deliberately infected 400 patients with syphilis, which, from the point of view of the authorities in the small town of Tuskegee, Alabama, were of no value to society. Among them were the poorest inhabitants of the Negro ghettos, people who had problems with the law and the unemployed.

Tellingly, the most desolate and homeless residents of the town were not touched – the scientists needed the purity of the experiment. It was difficult to keep track of this category of citizens and therefore preferred those who are tied to the place, that is, they have a roof over their heads and a family.

Those infected with a deadly infection did not know that they were sick, since the doctors gave them different diagnoses and prescribed medications that had nothing to do with their illness. Simply put, the unfortunate were treated with vitamins, aspirin, or even a placebo. Tuskegee’s African Americans were happy to receive free medical care that they could not afford and did not even suspect that they were being slowly and cynically killed.

In 1947, medicine defeated syphilis, which they learned to treat with penicillin, but the Tuskegee experiment continued. At the beginning of 1972, the details of this dirty project became public property and a huge scandal erupted. The US authorities tried to hush it up and hide some of the most disgusting facts, but these attempts were noticed and caused even more resonance.

By 1972, out of 400 experimental citizens, only 74 remained alive. In addition, it was found that men infected by scientists had infected 40 wives and mistresses with the disease, as a result of which 19 children were born with congenital disabilities in physical and mental development. In 1997, US President Bill Clinton repented before his people for the first time and apologized for this terrible and shameful episode in the country’s history.

Poisoned alcohol

It is well known that, having gone through with alcohol, many sin on the fact that certain substances were mixed into alcohol that should not be there. Usually it’s not about them, but about the lack of measure or low quality of the product, but not always. In the 1920s, during the “Prohibition” in the United States, the authorities used the most unsightly methods of fighting drunkenness, including poisoning of citizens.

The Alcohol Prohibition Act ran from 1920 to 1933 and gave rise to the phenomenon of bootlegging. This was the era of the heyday of underground dens, mafia and smuggling, with which a merciless war was waged not for life but for death. Underground alcohol factories poisoned their suffering customers with low-grade liquor, but part of the responsibility for the illness and death of alcohol consumers lay directly with the country’s authorities.

The main raw material for the production of illegal alcohol was alcohol intended for industrial use. To stop the theft of this product, manufacturers added various components to the liquid that made the alcohol taste nasty and unusable. But bootleggers, having enlisted the help of chemists who remained out of work due to the crisis, quickly learned to purify alcohol from such additives.

Then the US government did not come up with anything better than to start adding toxic components to ethyl alcohol. It was mixed with dangerous methyl alcohol, kerosene, formaldehyde and even acetone were added. At first, this was done in order to discourage bootleggers from stealing alcohol. On containers with the coveted liquid, they put notes that the poison was inside and the use of such alcohol was life-threatening.

But, seeing that this did not help, the authorities decided on direct poisoning of citizens in order to sow fear of alcohol among the people. Because of this, Americans began to die in thousands – only more than 10 thousand deaths from intentionally poisoned alcohol have been officially confirmed. Despite the panic that began among the masses, no one gave up cheap bootlegging alcohol, and the lovers of strong drinks both drank and continued to drink.

Oldham and the FBI

Many are sure that they are being watched by the special services. Most often, this is just an attempt to make oneself worthy in their own and others’ eyes, or a mental deviation. But it also happens that agents actually persecute a respectable citizen, although he has neither access to military secrets, nor the desire to overthrow the current government.

A good example of what was once thought to be paranoia turned out to be real surveillance was the case of writer Ernest Hemingway. Everyone knows that in his declining years, this writer was mired in drunkenness, fell into depression, was treated in psychiatric clinics, and eventually took his own life. The main reason for Hemingway’s life tragedy is the obsession that the FBI is following him.

The writer was sure that on the streets in every country in the world he was being followed, his phone and hotel number were tapped, and all bank accounts were controlled. The classic of world literature plagued his friends and casual acquaintances with his suspicions, as a result of which everyone decided that the poor man was motivated by alcoholism.

In 1961, after leaving another psychiatric clinic, the Nobel laureate shot himself in the head with a gun, solving the problem with the FBI once and for all. More than 20 years later, in 1983, the FBI declassified a 127-page report that fully confirmed that Hemingway’s fears were grounded. The writer was constantly monitored on the personal instructions of FBI chief Edgar Hoover. The reason for this interest in the writer is his warm friendly relations with Cuban leader Fidel Castro.

Interestingly, most often the most absurd conspiracy theories are confirmed in the West. Maybe this is due to the mentality of people who are more trusting of their governments? Perhaps this is a separate topic for research.


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