Comet SWAN as close to Earth as possible

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Comet SWAN can already be observed with the naked eye. The long-tailed comet was discovered only in April this year, but has already caused excitement among amateur astronomers.

A comet discovered by Michael Mattiazzo from Australia, code-named C / 2020 F8 (SWAN), passed Earth on May 13, but may remain in sight until June. A comet is a piece of ice and dust that gradually disintegrates, and this can be observed.

Astronomers around the world are already reporting the appearance of a comet in the night sky. The comet made its nearest passage past the Earth on the night of May 12 to 13, passing within 0.56 degrees, which is slightly more than half the distance to the Sun.

The comet should be most visible until around May 27, after which the comet will fly within 40 million miles of the Sun. According to May 15 data, the comet will cross the constellation Triangle.

Comet SWAN itself will be best seen in the Southern Hemisphere. However, the greatest probability of detecting it in the Northern Hemisphere is relevant in the predawn hours.

However, Rick Fainberg of the American Astronomical Society told the New York Times that it is possible that observers from the mid-latitudes of the northern hemisphere of the Earth will not be able to observe this object. However, with binoculars or a small telescope, anything is possible.

Astronomers are advised to ensure that at a distance of 10 degrees above the horizon a faint luminous spot of light is visible.


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