Colosseum – the main arena of gladiatorial battles of the era of ancient Rome

(ORDO NEWS) — During the official opening of the Colosseum in the capital of the Roman Empire, which took place in 80 AD. e., in the arena during the battles, more than 2,000 of their participants were killed, as well as about 5,000 different animals.

According to the most conservative estimates, over the entire period of existence of this unusual architectural monument, about 500,000 people and more than a million predatory animals have died on its territory.

The grandiose amphitheater of antiquity. Taking a closer look at the Colosseum is literally breathtaking, as it is so large that it can not help but surprise. There is a clear awareness of the fact that the above-described attraction is really a new wonder of the world.

The Flavia amphitheater is located on the territory of the capital of the Italian state, between three large hills: Tsilievsky, Esquilinsky and Palatninsky. It was built near the Golden Palace of Nero , on the site of a water body in which swans once lived.

Colosseum the main arena of gladiatorial battles of the era of ancient Rome 2

Appearance. The history of one of the main attractions of Rome, the real territory of death, dates back to 68 AD. e. At that time, one of the most cruel rulers of that era, named Nero, decided to die on a voluntary basis. For this reason, a bloody civil conflict began, which lasted for about 2 years.

As a result of the confrontation, Titus Flavius ​​Vespasian became the head of the Roman Empire. Having received broad powers of power, the new emperor almost immediately decided to change the central part of Rome beyond recognition. Everything that could mention even a little about the former emperor was demolished.

This was almost achieved: only the palace of the predecessor survived. The area of ​​this building, including the park zone located near it, was approximately 120 hectares. It was necessary to make a decision on the further fate of the object.

It was decided to do the following: on the territory of the palace itself, Vespasian ordered various institutions to be located, while the pond, located not far from the main structure, should be destroyed, and an extremely unusual object of incredible scale should be built in the vacant place.

Despite the fact that people generally reacted well to the idea of Vespasian , the story of the former emperor Nero continued to live.

The official name of the new building is the Flavius ​​Amphitheater, while the townsfolk nicknamed it the Colosseum (from Latin it translates as “colossal”) – in honor of the bronze statue about 35 meters high, which during the reign of Nero was located in one of the halls of the Golden Palace, and then was located near the newly built arena.

Colosseum the main arena of gladiatorial battles of the era of ancient Rome 3

Building. It didn’t take long to build the Colosseum – about 9 years.

About a hundred thousand slaves, specially brought to the capital of the Roman Empire, took part in the construction work. In addition, an invitation to participate in the construction was sent to qualified architects, sculptors and engineers – that is, everyone who could make the new structure more magnificent.


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