Colon cancer-causing drinks named by experts

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists talked about what kind of drinks pose a threat to human health and may well provoke the development of intestinal cancer. As it was found out, drinks containing a lot of sugar can at least double the risk of oncology. Scientific work was published some time ago in the journal Gut .

For 24 years, experts have conducted a large-scale study in which attention was paid to the dietary habits of the participants. In total, 95 thousand people took part in the experiment. As it was found out, the love of sugary drinks and their consumption on a regular basis, becomes the reason for the increase in the risk of developing intestinal cancer by about two times.

In addition, the researchers were able to establish that the risk of oncology would be at least 36% lower if these drinks containing a large amount of sugar were replaced with sugar substitutes. Whole or semi-skim milk is also a great alternative.

Earlier in the scientific journal The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the results of a special study conducted some time ago showed that regular consumption of sugary soda can also cause problems with the pancreas. In this case, the risk of a malignant formation in this organ increases significantly.

If you are thirsty, it is best to drink plain clean water. The norm for an adult is at least one and a half liters per day. In this case, the characteristics of the body, ambient temperature, gender and many other factors are taken into account. Due to a sufficient amount of fluid, the necessary nutrients will enter the cells, and metabolic products will also be able to be more actively excreted.

In summer, you can prepare your own drinks from fresh berries or seasonal fruits. Stevia, honey, agave, maple syrup will be excellent sweeteners. They will not cause an increase in sugar levels in the body and will be absorbed and absorbed as adequately as possible.

It should be noted that the probability of complete recovery in the presence of stage II gastric oncology is not higher than 60%. For five years, no more than 40% of patients in whom the disease has already passed to the third stage will be able to live. The fourth stage of stomach cancer in almost all cases is fatal. Only 5% of the sick will be able to survive.

Therefore, it is worth excluding sugary drinks from your diet, or, if this is not possible, then at least reduce their consumption to a minimum. Otherwise, you can face not only oncology, but also with other health problems. Sugar in general is bad for human health and has a negative effect not only on the stomach and pancreas, but also on all other organs.

Earlier, we wrote that an unusual symptom of pancreatic cancer was detected. Pancreatic cancer is incredibly difficult to diagnose in its early stages of development. In this case, the disease is very common and is considered one of the most common types of oncology.

And also recall that a vitamin is named that can provoke cancer. Folic acid in large quantities can cause the formation of malignant tumors in the body. If the process is controlled by an experienced specialist, then due to this, the risks are significantly reduced.


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