Colombian fashion model captures a UFO from a passenger plane

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(ORDO NEWS) — An impressive video of a UFO flying close to the plane has captured the public’s attention.

On the received frames, a strange object at an altitude of 3000 meters flies past the plane, on which at that time there was a famous Colombian fashion model.

Fashion model Valentina Rueda Velez claims to have taken amazing footage during the flight, which caused heated debate among ufologists.

The girl shared this video on Instagram story, which quickly attracted the attention of UFO researchers around the world.

The footage shows her plane flying in the sky, and then an unusual flying object appears on the right side of the screen, which quickly approaches the cockpit window, increasing in size.

Colombian fashion model captures a UFO from a passenger plane 2

Many users commented on the appearance of the object, which has a classic disk shape. Some noted the excellent quality of the video, in which the UFO is visible in all details.

One user suggested that this object is the size of a car. Ufologists believe that the unusual video may be evidence of an alien visit to Earth.

Some skeptics, however, have dismissed the possibility of alien flight through airspace. Some commentators have suggested that the object was a drone or just flying debris.

Despite varying opinions, the video has received over 6,000 views and is being discussed in online UFO research communities.

There is a lot of discussion about UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) and their possible existence.

Some people claim that they have seen UFOs, while others believe that all such phenomena can be explained by natural or artificial causes.

In addition, there are official reports from governments and military organizations of unidentified objects in the sky, but not all of these objects have been classified as UFOs.

Many researchers suggest that if UFOs exist, then they may be associated with technologically advanced civilizations in the universe.

However, there is still no conclusive scientific evidence for the existence of UFOs that can be verified and confirmed.


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