Colliding galaxies Arp 142

(ORDO NEWS) — Here is a snapshot of two distant interacting galaxies, collectively known as Arp 142. Informally, this interaction is called the “penguin guarding the egg”, where “penguin” is a curved red-blue galaxy, and “egg” is a greenish oval below.

NASA’s Spitzer and NASA/ESA Hubble space telescopes , which cover the visible and infrared parts of the spectrum , were used to image galaxies 352 million light-years from Earth . The observation was carried out on January 31, 2018.

“Penguin” was most likely once a spiral galaxy, having much in common with our own Milky Way . However, now its shape is distorted as the galaxy reacts to the gravitational influence of the “egg”.

The bluish spots visible in the optical range are very young and incredibly hot stars. Red threads are hot gas escaping from the galaxy and interacting with the surrounding dust.

The “egg”, on the contrary, is some kind of “faceless” galaxy, the greenish glow of which indicates that old and cold luminaries dominate in its population of stars.

The absence of blue and blue spots indicates that the “egg” is devoid of gas and dust reservoirs, which are necessary for the birth of new stars. In other words, you have a dead galaxy in front of you, which passively reacts to its companion.

Eventually these two galaxies will merge into one object. Scientists believe that many of the large galaxies observed today have experienced a similar experience.


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