Collective immunity to COVID-19: the doctor told when he will appear

(ORDO NEWS) — The emergence of herd immunity is possible in two cases: if a large part of the population is vaccinated or recovered. Then the transmission of infection tends to zero, the epidemiological situation is improving. Ukrainian immunologist Oleg Nazar believes that herd immunity will appear in 3-5 years.

The forecast is not entirely rosy, because earlier experts predicted that people would become resistant to the virus very soon. The doctor noted that the formation of the body’s resistance to coronavirus is not much different from this process with the flu. This means that the same strain will go around the world for three years, people will adapt to it, and then another type of virus will come.

Immunity should not be expected if a person has not been ill with Covid-19, at least in a mild form. Vaccines are not always a lifesaver: in 30% of cases, a person becomes infected after vaccination. The body does not produce enough antibodies. In case of infection, the body forms immune memory, so re-infection, if it does occur, is as easy as possible.

So far, the world’s population does not have herd immunity. Most people have mild symptoms and recover without much treatment. In the overwhelming majority of cases, the immunity of people copes with the virus, so it can be assumed that the wait for herd immunity is not long.


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