CNN shocks: Flight MH370 is intact, everyone is alive, Boeing was accompanied by military aircraft

(ORDO NEWS) — Sarah Bajc, a friend of Malaysia Flight 370 passenger Philip Wood, spoke on CNN and reported, also citing witness testimony from another passenger’s family member, that the MH370 crew had been seen escorting two military aircraft prior to their “disappearance.”

Bajk also says that she and other family members of the passengers on the ill-fated flight are confident that the plane not only remained intact, but that the passengers also survived.

She also believes that governments around the world are still lying about the incident, and she also agrees with military and security experts who say that everything that happened is a covert military operation.

Meanwhile, the official media are reporting a new lead in the case of the missing Malaysian Boeing. In the southern Indian Ocean, Chinese services were able to detect a pulsating signal. This is reported by the official PRC agency Xinhua.

Whether this signal has anything to do with the disappeared liner is not yet clear. But, as the Chinese experts assure, the frequency of radio waves indicates that it is the black box of the Malaysian Boeing that emits them.


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