CNBC: China’s pursuit of Bitcoin threatens Earth’s ecology

(ORDO NEWS) — Apparently, China’s plans to restore the environment in the near future will remain unfulfilled due to the growing production of bitcoin. According to foreign media reports, China accounts for 75 percent of the world’s mining.

Back in 2020, the Chinese authorities set a goal aimed at reaching a peak in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. However, the growing production of bitcoin in China threatens the fulfillment of the aforementioned goals.

Scientists at the University of Cambridge have made a forecast according to which the future world costs of mining the most popular cryptocurrency will reach 128.84 terawatt hours per year.

If the current trend continues, then in three years, energy consumption from mining in China will approach 296.59 terawatt-hours. This will lead to the release of 130 million tons of carbon dioxide into the Earth’s atmosphere, experts say.

Earlier, experts from the United States said that currently there is nobody in the world that monitors the sources of electricity consumption . In their opinion, it is important to understand where the energy comes from in the computer in order to minimize damage to the environment.


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