Closed metal prison: a sailor lives alone for four years on an abandoned ship

(ORDO NEWS) — A ghost ship has been standing near the Suez Canal for four years. The crew members left it long ago, except for one – Mohammad Rashedi. The man has been forced to stay on the ship since 2017 by a court decision.

In 2017, a Syrian cargo ship was detained in Egypt due to expired certificates and rescue equipment. The court appointed Mohammed the legal guardian of the vessel, and a corresponding order was signed. Since that time, the ship has been in one place, and the guardian cannot go anywhere. Only once every few days does he buy groceries on the beach and charge the phone.

The sailor was deprived of his Syrian passport, so he cannot sail anywhere until someone buys the ship. The ship has become a real metal prison full of rodents, mosquitoes and various insects. The man regrets that he did not study the documents being signed.

According to Mohammad Rashedi, a spokesman for the International Transport Workers Association, the current situation is unacceptable. It is known that the ship has already been put up for auction.

Mohammed Aish, despite his sad experience, is not going to give up sailing. He was on the verge of receiving the rank of captain, so he plans to continue this career. Now the only thing he wants with all his heart is to return to his family.


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