Clinical deaths shocked scientists with strange tales

(ORDO NEWS) — Israeli scientists found that survivors of clinical death had almost the same experience. Researchers conducted a survey of patients who experienced clinical death to understand how the brain responds to extreme conditions.

It turned out that the patients did not “hover over their bodies,” as survivors of a clinical death usually describe. They said that it was as if they were instilling in people standing next to their body, and patients quite clearly felt other people’s emotions.

The researchers found their own explanations on this subject. They believe that the prefrontal cortex, the parietal and temporal lobes, which are responsible for emotional perception and memory, continue to function for some time. It is all about the blood supply that continues in these places.

In addition, people participating in the study reported that at the time of the car crash, they felt like time was stopping. At these moments, they could see their whole life as if on a film. The researchers again found scientific explanations on this subject: this is due to the release of a large amount of adrenaline into the blood, giving a feeling of a frozen time.


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