Climatologists warned of an increase in the number of natural disasters

(ORDO NEWS) — Experts from the Center for Climate Systems of the University of Arizona have studied in detail the changes that occur with the North Atlantic atmospheric current.

The results were not entirely encouraging. If the climate continues to change at the same rate, then this will provoke an increase in the natural variability of the current, and the number of natural disasters will increase significantly. The research results were published in the scientific journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The North Atlantic high-altitude jet stream is a belt of westerly winds. It is located near the circumpolar region and has a wave-like shape. The position of this current, as well as its intensity, directly affect what the air temperature will be and how much precipitation will fall.

Experts conducted a study of cores from more than fifty wells that were previously made in Greenland. They used information such as the number of ice layers as well as their composition. Due to this, scientists have established the average temperature, amount of precipitation and natural disasters for all years up to the 8th century.

Matthew Osman talked about the fact that sometimes the current moved quite strongly towards the north, and then abruptly went south. Despite this, the flow was always within the established limits of natural variability. In the future, the current will continue to move to the north and go beyond the permissible limits, which will have an extremely negative effect on weather conditions.

Recently, there have been more natural disasters, and these are only the first signs of how the atmospheric flow is changing and how exactly it affects the weather.


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