Climatologists told how to slow down global warming

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists from the Nature Geoscience organization spoke about a way to prevent global warming.

According to experts, the technique appeared against the backdrop of a pandemic, due to which a number of restrictions had to be introduced.

In 2020, global carbon dioxide emissions decreased by 6.3%, or about 2,200 metric tons. This phenomenon is considered the largest absolute annual decline in indicators.

The last time similar values ​​were recorded during the Second World War. The decline in performance began during the first wave of the coronavirus, when many businesses ceased to function.

The researchers found that the biggest contributor to the reduction in emissions, accounting for almost a third of the drop, was the massive reduction in ground transportation.

In Europe, some countries have begun to switch to renewable energy sources. In addition, the number of intercity trips decreased, which also had an impact on the figures.

“It’s not just people who are contributing to the reduction in travel this sort of thing is not a citizen’s decision.

We need a planned transition to new types of energy carriers in society in order to implement the necessary changes,” the specialists said.

If the trend continues, the rate of global warming could decrease by 40% within a few years. If the authorities of large countries take steps to reduce the use of combustible substances that emit harmful emissions into the atmosphere, then the indicators will be even better.


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