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Climatologists ocean cooling is not able to reduce the number of hurricanes

Climatologists ocean cooling is not able to reduce the number of hurricanes

(ORDO NEWS) — Artificial cooling of the oceans cannot work as a means of combating the effects of climate change. An article about this was published in Communications Earth & Environment.

Geoengineering, that is, the targeted impact on the climate in order to improve it, is considered an alternative method for combating global warming along with reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

For example, light-blocking aerosols can be sprayed into the atmosphere to cool the surface of the Earth.

However, many scientists criticize these ideas due to the complexity of implementation and the inability to calculate the consequences.

Climatologists at the University of Miami used computer simulations to assess how reasonable it is to try to cool the oceans to deal with hurricanes resulting from its heating.

They simulated cooling of 260,000 square kilometers by two degrees.

As a result, even in the most ideal atmospheric and oceanic conditions, tropical cyclones have only weakened by 15 percent, even though the amount of energy that would have to be extracted from the ocean to achieve this goal is more than a hundred times the amount consumed in the United States in 2019.

Thus, this method is inefficient, and it is hardly possible to implement it in practice. However, such ideas are often presented in the popular science media.


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