Climatologists have warned that double hurricanes will hit the US every three years

(ORDO NEWS) — A single hurricane is already a big enough problem, but researchers at Princeton University have said that twin hurricanes will regularly hit the U.S. East Coast and the Gulf of Mexico in the coming decades.

The rise in the level of the World Ocean due to the melting of ice sheets and the increase in precipitation threaten humanity with a change in the behavior of hurricanes.

If today destructive tropical storms usually make landfall singly and very rarely in tandem, then in the coming decades, double hurricanes following each other will be commonplace.

In rare cases, even three hurricanes can form, as happened in 2017, when three “named” hurricanes hit the East Coast of North America at once: Harvey, Maria and Irma.

In 2021, the United States again suffered from a double hurricane: first they were overtaken by Ida, and then by Nicholas, whose combined economic damage exceeded $ 75 billion.

In the near future, destructive hurricanes and tropical storms will hit coastal areas much more often. And in some areas, such as the Gulf Coast, twin hurricanes will form regularly.

After analyzing the data and conducting computer simulations, the scientists concluded that over the course of a century, the probability of the formation of two subsequent hurricanes with a frequency of two weeks increased markedly.

If current trends continue and carbon emissions increase, the frequency of double hurricane formation will increase dramatically: from 10–92 years in the 20th century to one to three years.

Since there is too little time between successive hurricanes for the affected areas to even partially recover, the cumulative damage can be enormous, as was the case with Nicholas. This hurricane caused more problems than expected due to the destruction caused by Ida.

Now planners and regional emergency services should prepare in advance for double or even triple strikes in order to have time to help people before they are overtaken by another rampage of the elements.


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