Climatologists announced a record increase in the temperature of the oceans

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists have recorded a record absorption of anthropogenic heat by the World Ocean in 2021.

An international group of climatologists has recorded a record rise in ocean temperatures in 2021 due to global warming. This is reported in an article published in the journal Advances in Atmospheric Science.

Scientists analyzed changes in the heat content of the oceans during 2021. It turned out that the sea water temperature reached record values ​​in the entire history of observations.

The ocean is estimated to have absorbed about 14 zettajoules (14 x 10 to the 21st power) more than in 2020, which held the last record.

The warmest in the South and Atlantic Oceans is due to increased concentrations of anthropogenic greenhouse gases and climatic patterns of heat transfer.

The Indian Ocean, Tropical Atlantic, North Atlantic, Northwest Pacific, North Pacific, Southern Ocean and Mediterranean Sea are experiencing strong warming, but with distinct interannual and decadal variability.

This variability is associated with El Niño, an interannual natural cycle that manifests itself in temperature fluctuations in the surface layers of the equatorial ocean and affects the global climate.

Warmer ocean waters contribute to increased storms, hurricanes and extreme rainfall, increasing the risk of severe flooding.

The heated ocean water is expanding and eroding the vast ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica, which together lose about one trillion tons of ice per year.

Overall, the ocean warming trend is so pronounced that traces of human influence can be identified in just four years of observation.


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