Climatologist warned of a coming global catastrophe in the coming years

(ORDO NEWS) — Climatologist Ryabov predicted a global catastrophe and flooding of 30% of the land in the coming years.

A change in the average temperature of the Earth in the next 30 years can turn into catastrophic natural changes for humanity, said a climatologist, associate professor at the Agrotechnological Academy of KFU named after. Vernadsky Vladimir Ryabov.

The scientist explained that the cause of global warming can be not only human activities. Natural processes can affect the climate, and humanity only speeds up or slows down some of them.

“The beginning of colossal disasters can be the melting of ice in the oceans, and later on the tops of mountains. In this case, 30% of the land will be flooded, ”Vladimir Ryabov said on the air of Sputnik in Crimea radio.

In just the last 40 years, the warming that has occurred on the planet has turned out to be stronger than ever. During this time, the average temperature of the planet rose by two degrees.

The main source of human problems this year will be climate change and global catastrophes. The famous French doctor, astrologer and seer Michel de Notredam (Nostradamus) predicted the future thousands of years ahead.


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