Climate scientists warn that 2023 will be hotter than 2022

(ORDO NEWS) — Next year 2023 will be hotter than 2022, according to the UK Met Office.

Forecasts suggest that this will be the 10th year in a row that global temperatures will be at least 1 degree above average.

According to the agency, in addition to global warming due to human activity, the causes of this will be the phenomena of El Niño (Spanish boy) and La Niña (Spanish girl).

These are fluctuations in the temperature of the surface layer of water in the equatorial part of the Pacific Ocean, which have a noticeable effect on the climate.

Usually the “boy” occurs when the wind direction is westerly, then in the Western Hemisphere it becomes warmer, wetter, and the pressure decreases, at this time it becomes drier and colder in the Eastern Hemisphere.

The “girl”, on the contrary, occurs with the east wind, and the regions “change” with their unusual weather conditions.

Experts believe that the temperature will stabilize in about three years, when the “girl” will be replaced by a “boy”.

Previously, scientists have warned that rising temperatures will lead to devastating consequences for people and nature, including drought and the emergence of various diseases.


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