Climate change will threaten the existence of 60 percent of cacti

(ORDO NEWS) — More than half of cactus species may face a greater risk of extinction by the middle of the 22nd century due to climate change.

This is evidenced by a new study by American scientists. Moreover, the forecast does not take into account poaching, habitat destruction and other anthropogenic threats.

The study looked at 408 cactus species, or about a quarter of all known cactus species. The analysis showed that the places where the most species could be threatened tend to be those with the richest species diversity today, including Florida, central Mexico and large swaths of Brazil.

At the same time, cacti, in contrast to popular belief, are not exclusively inhabitants of the desert. Many of them grow in tropical climates or even cool climates in the mountains.

Scientists suggest that cactus species will either adapt or become extinct. But you need to take into account the fact that adaptation is a slow process, and the current climate change is happening quickly. “It is likely that many species will be lost,” experts from the United States emphasize.


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