Climate change meteorologists told what 2021 will be like

(ORDO NEWS) — Meteorologists managed to calculate how much the global temperature on Earth could still increase. Experts believe that the next year may turn out to be somewhat cooler than the last six years.

At the same time, it is said that the average global temperature will rise another degree higher than that which was in the 19th century. In 2021, the temperature will be slightly lower than the last 6 years.

The decline will be affected by a phenomenon such as La Niña, which is observed in the tropical Pacific region. This phenomenon occurs when very strong winds carry surface water to another area of ​​the ocean.

As a result, cold waters appear on the surface, which rise from the depths.

Due to this phenomenon, it will turn out to reduce the ocean surface temperature by about 1-2 degrees next year. Adam Scaife added that in this way, record temperatures that have been observed in recent years can be avoided.

Despite the La Niña phenomenon, the level of harmful emissions into the atmosphere does not decrease and in the future the temperature may continue to increase.


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