Climate change expected by the end of the century began on all continents

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Experts previously believed that a noticeable climate change in some regions would happen only by the end of this century. And this is provided that the heating of the planet will not increase over time. But, as it turned out, the experts were mistaken and now noticeable changes are taking place on absolutely all continents.

As a recent study by scientists showed, in many countries of the planet, heat and a high humidity indicator become quite normal.

For example, along the Persian Gulf, there were cases of temperature increase to such levels at which a person is unlikely to survive. At the moment, the duration of such outbreaks does not exceed several hours, but their intensity, as well as the frequency, is gradually increasing.

Colin Raymond says that this was expected only after several decades, but is already happening today. Outbreaks are becoming more frequent and violent, and the cause of this is global warming.

Dangerous to humans is not only heat, but also very high humidity. Because of this, cooling the body through sweat becomes a very difficult process. Humid and hot air causes the body temperature to rise to such levels at which a person cannot survive.

This becomes the reason that internal organs either begin to work worse, or even fail. Even if a person has excellent physical fitness, is in the shade and has a sufficient amount of water, he can die in a matter of hours.

In recent years, as shown by the analysis, the combination of humidity and high temperature indicators has doubled. Heat and humidity are increasing at the moment in those places where there are rivers and lakes, because the water evaporates much faster.


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