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Cliffs exposed between Swiss glaciers due to extreme melting

Cliffs exposed between Swiss glaciers due to extreme melting

(ORDO NEWS) — After the hottest European summer in the history of a record-breaking season, a rocky alpine trail has appeared for the first time in 2,000 years between two glaciers in Switzerland.

Glacier 3000 ski resort in western Switzerland said ice melt this year was three times the 10-year average, leaving bare rock between the Scex Rouge and Zanfleuron glaciers at 2,800 meters and the pass to be completely exposed by the end of this month. .

“About 10 years ago, I measured 15 meters of ice here, and in that time all that ice has melted,” said Mauro Fischer, a glaciologist at the Institute of Geography at the University of Bern.

“What we’ve seen this year and this summer is just extraordinary and it truly surpasses anything we’ve ever measured so far,” he added, referring to the rate of ice melt.

Since last winter, which brought relatively little snow, the Alps have endured two heatwaves in early summer. The glaciers of the Alps are now on track for their biggest mass loss in at least 60 years of records, according to the data.


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