Circular skyscraper

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Modern technology allows you to create buildings of any size and shape. And many grandiose ideas are embodied precisely in high-rise construction. There are already “falling” and “dancing” skyscrapers, “cucumbers”, skyscrapers in the form of spirals and letters, as well as unusual round skyscrapers.

The round Aldar skyscraper was built in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, in 2010 for a record seven months. However, the project was announced much earlier, and in 2008 received an award for the best futuristic design. The project was developed by architects of the MZ & Partners bureau, and the development company Aldar Properties built this building for itself – to use it as headquarters. Let’s look at more details …

A skyscraper stands on an artificial piece of land on the coast in Al-Rahah. Its height is 110 meters (23 floors). The shape of the building resembles a giant magnifying glass, a glass disk standing on the edge, and a huge mirror in which the surroundings are reflected. But in fact, the idea was based on the image of a round seashell (the skyscraper actually stands on the beach). An unconventional masterpiece of engineering is also an innovative way to build this wonderful skyscraper: despite its convex shape on both sides, not a single piece was used curved glass.

The secret of such an architectural achievement was glass elements in the form of triangles, thanks to which the builders formed the desired curved facade. And due to external steel structures inside the skyscraper, there are no familiar reinforced concrete supports due to the excellent use of proper steel building specifications and regulations being used to erect the external “skeleton” of the structure.

In addition, architects and builders have worked hard to ensure that the skyscraper is very stable and that the effects of groundwater and high wind loads are nothing to it. Finally, this “green” skyscraper is one of the first environmentally friendly buildings in Abu Dhabi. During construction, materials suitable for reuse (steel, glass, concrete) were used. Properly organized natural light helps save energy. In addition, the building is equipped with an underground automatic vacuum garbage collection system.

The construction of this unusual building was completed in 2010. The scale and unusual approach to design are amazing: there are 23 floors in the skyscraper, each of which offers excellent 360-degree visibility, and its total area is 123,000 square meters. The round shape of the building is designed to symbolize infinity and harmony, and 120,000 people who can be inside at the same time really feel great there.


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