Chinese woman has a very large belly due to an unknown disease

(ORDO NEWS) — 36-year-old Chinese woman Huang Guoxian has been suffering from an unknown disease for two years, which has led to the fact that the woman’s belly has increased to an incredible size. Some people mistakenly believe that a Chinese woman is carrying twins or triplets.

A villager in Guizhou province was not so long ago slender and did not stand out much from her skinny neighbors. Everything changed one day, when the belly began to swell. Now the woman’s weight is 54 kg, of which 20 kg is the tumor.

The woman was in local hospitals, where she was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver, fluid in the abdominal cavity and an ovarian tumor. None of these problems are the true cause of the giant belly. The doctors had already pumped fluid from the abdominal part of the body, but it quickly returned back. According to one of the experts, a Chinese woman may have a rare benign tumor, but to confirm this diagnosis, it is necessary to undergo an examination in a good clinic.

The cost of all procedures in the city hospital is $ 4300 (travel, examination, operation). Of course, Guoxian doesn’t have that kind of money, so she turned to the public. The woman has two children to look after. The husband constantly works far away in the city, arrives only on weekends. All housework fell on his ten-year-old son, as Guoxian now finds it difficult to walk and even lie down. The woman’s elderly parents are helping the family, but they will soon need help themselves.

The woman is practically in despair: life in the village forces her to work constantly, moreover hard. Guoxian may soon be bedridden altogether. All hope is only for people and charities. The Chinese woman hopes that she will be able to collect the required amount and continue a normal life.


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