Chinese woman claims she hasn’t slept in 40 years

(ORDO NEWS) — One of the residents of Henan province in China is trying to prove to everyone that she can completely go without sleep.

The last time Li Zhanying slept was when she was only five years old. At the moment, the woman has already turned 45 and all this time she was awake. Reported by the Daily Star.

Many did not believe in such an ability of Li and repeatedly tried to test the Chinese woman. For example, several neighbors decided to play cards with her for at least a day, but as a result they fell asleep right at the table or were forced to go home to rest. At the same time, the woman felt very active and did not want to sleep at all.

Her husband Liu Suokin has repeatedly confirmed that Li cannot sleep and very often does various household chores at night. The woman, in turn, says that even strong sleeping pills do not cause her sleep.

For a long time, doctors could not establish the cause of what was happening, but experts from Beijing managed to find out that Li still sleeps from time to time. Only it happens a little differently than in the case of other people.

They scanned her brain waves and found that the Chinese woman sleeps about 10 minutes a day. She falls into a kind of trance, but at the same time she may well continue to maintain a conversation or be engaged in some kind of business. This phenomenon reminded many experts of sleepwalking, because the body, even in a dream, remains fully functional.


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