Chinese students have invented an invisibility cloak that hides people from security cameras

(ORDO NEWS) — Students in China have reportedly created an “invisibility cloak” that hides the wearer from security cameras.

The device, dubbed InvisDefence, was created by students at Wuhan University, according to the South China Morning Post (SCMP).

It is designed to mask the user from cameras controlled by artificial intelligence.

The product uses a pattern to dazzle cameras during the day, and emits strange heat signals at night to confuse the AI ​​monitor.

Presumably, it is indistinguishable from ordinary outerwear and does not hide anyone from the human observer.

“Currently, many surveillance devices can detect human bodies,” said Professor Wang Zheng of SCMP.

Cameras on the road have pedestrian detection features, and smart cars can identify pedestrians, roads and obstacles.”

“Our invisibility allows the camera to capture you, but it can’t tell if you’re human.”

According to the students who invented it, the production of one set of clothes equipped with this technology would cost only 500 yuan (about 6,500 rubles).

Wang said the clothing could have military applications, including preventing drone detection.


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