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Chinese scientists have learned to track people through walls

Chinese scientists have learned to track people through walls

(ORDO NEWS) — Chinese scientists talked about the successful development of technology for detecting objects, including those moving through dense obstacles such as walls, as well as in deep darkness. Potentially, the development can come into service with the Chinese security forces to spy on people.

A number of technology tests have already been carried out to confirm the system’s performance. The press service of the University of Science and Technology of China said that the technology was tested on ordinary images of various objects in good lighting conditions. Nevertheless, representatives of the university assure that the system is already capable of delivering images received through the wall.

Due to the low resolution, the synthesized photographs are currently blurred, defining only the silhouette of objects, but the colors are reproduced in the correct accuracy. Scientists said that the principle of the system is based on the emission of two radio antennas and the construction of “heat maps” with the help of them. One of the antennas receives data, and the other analyzes the amplitudes of radio waves reflected from objects.

As a training material for the system, which, by the way, was called RFGAN, they used the recorded image from the camera and heat maps obtained at the time of video recording. It is expected that further development of the system will be aimed at increasing the resolution of the finished image.


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