Chinese scientists announced the catastrophic consequences of the pandemic

(ORDO NEWS) — The death toll from coronavirus in the world by March 2021 could reach 5 million people, Chinese scientists said in their forecast of the global consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic this year.

The global consequences of the pandemic in the coming year may be worse than in 2020, writes the South China Morning Post. Currently, 2 million deaths have been recorded. According to researchers, the number of deaths may increase to 5 million.

As one of the experts noted, despite the fact that China has more taken control of the pandemic, most countries are faced with outbreaks of the disease, as well as with mutations of the coronavirus.

More than 92 million cases of coronavirus infection have already been registered around the world, but by early March the number may rise to 170 million, scientists are sure. Moreover, they believe that the United States will suffer the most. In the worst case scenario, 32 million infections will be detected in the United States, and 15.5, 15 and 6 million in India, Brazil and Russia, respectively.

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According to Chinese experts, at best, the number of deaths by March will only grow by 300 thousand, if the authorities of the countries take effective measures to combat the pandemic and carry out large-scale vaccination programs.

In their opinion, Beijing’s best weapon against the pandemic is containment. It is noted that the SARS-CoV-2 virus develops like the flu. If he manages to adapt to the human body, then he will hide among the population and return every season.


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