Chinese rover finds new evidence of ancient ocean on Mars

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists have long been convinced that there was water on Mars. Today, only the dates and times in which she disappeared are different, as several studies have shown different results. Chinese spacecraft on Mars once again confirmed the planet’s turbulent past.

According to the Chinese state news channel CGTN, the Zhurun ​​rover and its accompanying Tianwen-1 orbiter have explored the vast Utopia Planitia plain of Mars.

Among the collected data is information on minerals, indicating that there was once water on the surface.

What is known

Scientists at the China National Space Administration say they have found hydrated minerals in Mars’ so-called duricrust, which they say is indicative of “significant liquid water activity” in distant history.

Duricrust is a hard layer on the soil surface, usually formed by the accumulation of soluble minerals deposited by mineral waters during their evaporation. Its thickness can reach from a few millimeters to several meters.

There is no water on the Martian surface today, but recent evidence suggests it may have been there longer than previously thought.

Over the past year, NASA spacecraft have found evidence that water flowed on the Red Planet much later – perhaps 2 or 2.5 billion years ago, in contrast to previous estimates showing the moment of the disappearance of water on Mars about three billion years ago.

Such studies can help not only to understand the past of the neighboring planet, but also to see the probable future of the Earth itself.


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