Chinese newlyweds file for divorce after an hour of marriage

(ORDO NEWS) — Not every person believes that marriage is something serious and should be treated responsibly. Some people see everything as a game that can be finished at any time.

Probably, this is exactly what the newlyweds from one of the provinces, which is located in Southwest China, thought. But the wedding turned out to be the most real, and the spouse will have to pay about 300 thousand yuan for the divorce.

The newlyweds were married for only an hour and the decision to divorce was made by the man. It is reported by the Global Times.

He tried to prove that his wife put pressure on him and therefore he got married, although in fact he did not want to. He also added that they broke up even before the wedding took place, but the girl did not leave him alone. She wrote numerous messages and talked about the wedding all the time.

This was the reason that the Chinese made a spontaneous and completely ill-considered decision. The wife told her husband that if he wants to divorce her, he must pay compensation in the amount of 300,000 yuan.

The newlyweds could not independently resolve the issue of divorce, so they filed an application with the court. The divorce petition was rejected due to the fact that the man could not prove that the relationship was over before the marriage was registered.


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