Chinese monk did not breathe for a day, and then came to life and told what he saw in heaven

(ORDO NEWS) — In ancient times, people who believed in God and Buddha, with all their souls, wanted to go to Paradise. Some monks partially had the ability to look into another world through meditation: the soul of a believer ascended to Heaven. Xu Yun from the Chan Buddhist school also managed to see how Paradise works.

Xu Yun lived during the Qing Dynasty, the collapse of the Republic of China and the seizure of power by the Communist Party. During the change of government in 1949, the monk was 110 years old. Yunmen Temple (Guangdong Province) was his home.

The Communist Party began a movement against the revolutionaries. Her representatives invaded the temple in order to detect spies. Twenty-six monks were put in custody: one died and the rest succumbed to torture. It was in prison with Xu Yun a very strange story happened. So, a man meditated for 9 days without stopping until March 11. At the end of meditation, he fell. There was no breathing, but the skin did not change color, the body remained warm.

The monk did not breathe for a day. When he finally opened his eyes, he said that he had visited the kingdom of Tushit, where the Buddha Maitreya, that is, the Buddha of the future, is located. In a wonderful world, the laws of Buddha were preached. Xu Yun greeted everyone sitting and took a free seat.

Then, unexpectedly, Maitreya announced that the monk should return, since his time had not come. Xu tried to stay, but could not persuade the Buddha. He soon found himself in the world of the living.

The monks’ torture stopped after their disciples sent a letter to Hong Kong revealing everything that had happened. Believers freed. Xu Yun passed away in 1959 in the Zhenzhu Temple. Before his death, he contacted the authorities to give people freedom of confession and not destroy the temples.


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