Chinese models COVID-19 turned out to be a void

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — I wipe away an unsolicited tear. China has officially recognized that “today” no more than 20% of those infected show symptoms (which, in general, was previously considered an “alternative opinion”, although it was voiced by the most daring scientists).

The bomb is next. Those who did not show symptoms with a positive test were not recorded by the Chinese in the statistics of patients. On the example of actual 6764 cases with a positive test: 1297 people showed symptoms, they replenished the column of “sick”.

Such is our calculation method, they say. How is this method, citizens? That is, 80% of those people who showed a “positive” test did not fall into the Chinese heroic statistics of 82 thousand patients, whom they poked into a mug for us, as an example of good and proper work. Well done.

Mao’s heirs give special greetings to those drummers and enthusiasts from all over the world who record in the cove according to the totality of symptoms, and the tests are not even done at autopsy.

And yes. It is necessary to admit on time. Otherwise, someone would catch them in May, say, and it would be inconvenient. And so everyone honestly told themselves. WHO didn’t have time to draw up sincerely. And the  United States punished her so far with the dollar.

I hope it will reach the highest level for this wonderful organization, which said that “one way or another” the majority of infected people show symptoms, and China shows miracles of openness and cooperation.

It turns out that all the models that we have been drawing here for months on the example of Chinese data, all these curves, straight lines, gears and others are built on the base lie. All these comparisons with China of unfortunate Europeans were an attempt to compare with emptiness, with a press release, literally with deception.

Decisions by governments were made on the basis of fundamentally incorrect information. What was told to the world with typical Chinese spontaneity by comrade Mi Feng, a representative of their state commission on health. An official with older epaulettes was not found for us to please humanity with the truth in China.

Asymptomatic covid positives do not fall into Chinese statistics, asymptomatic failed tests, naturally, also do not fall, but who counts them at all?

In addition, it should be noted that during the Euro-American stage of the epidemic, the understanding of doctors regarding the nature of the severe course is not just growing, but changing dizzying about the model of “virus-bacterial pneumonia” proposed by the Chinese comrades and the usefulness of mechanical ventilation devices.

Roughly speaking, if at the time of the Italian outbreak about the virus there would be no information, no “HIV protocols”, no “Chinese experience”, then the Italians, the French, the Spaniards, and the Americans with the British, and we would easier.

I am sure that in a short time the same comrade Mi Feng will tell at a briefing that the Chinese doctors thoroughly analyzed and understood that the virus causes damage to the lung tissue (and intestinal tissue) by the type of thrombotic microangiopathy – microcirculation vascular thrombosis, in the development of which are involved immune plasma proteins – interleukins, complement system.

Therefore, it is necessary to treat low molecular weight heparins, plasma preparations, and monoclonal antibodies to the proteins involved in the process.
“And ventilators are more likely to destroy ischemic lung tissue and bring infection than help.”

And the Chinese doctors always proceeded from this, which provided the citizens of China with better survival. He will say this exactly the day before WHO recognizes this approach as the mainstream.

This, of course, is a very interesting story. Pure detective. As a talented and cunning manipulator, he led stupid, at first glance, people exactly in the opposite direction from what corresponded to their best interests, providing step-by-step information containing an unverifiable mishmash of lies and truth.


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