Chinese mission to Mars kicks off successfully

(ORDO NEWS) — On July 20, the Hope spacecraft of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) was launched from the Japanese space center Tanegashima and headed for Mars.

Today, at 5:41 UTC, the Chinese module Tianwen-1 was launched with the help of the Long March 5 launch vehicle (“Changzheng-5”), which also went to the Red Planet.

China’s Mars module includes an orbiter, a landing platform and a small rover. For the Celestial Empire, this is the first mission in history of such complexity and scale.

Like the Hope probe, China’s Tianwen 1 will reach Mars in February 2021. The module will stay in orbit for about two months, and then a platform with a rover will be launched in the Utopia Planitia region, where NASA’s Viking-2 spacecraft landed in 1976.

On July 30, another mission prepared by NASA will go to Mars. This concludes the list of countries engaged in active space exploration.


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