Chinese media write about Vanga’s terrible prediction

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(ORDO NEWS) — The legendary Bulgarian clairvoyant Vanga left after her death a large number of predictions that still excite the minds of mankind. Chinese journalists recounted some of these prophecies.

Vanga’s contemporaries argued that the woman possessed supernatural powers that allowed her to predict the future and find missing people. It is believed that it was she who predicted the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, the events of September 11, 2001, the strongest tsunami of 2014, and many other various incidents. Also, in her prophecies, you can find references to some events that have not yet happened. This is reported by the Sohu edition. PolitRussia presents an exclusive translation of this material.

“Many of Wanga’s predictions are hard to believe, but the events taking place in the United States today are forcing a change of opinion,” noted the authors of Sohu.

Journalists from the PRC drew attention to the fact that Vanga is credited with the words about the impending collapse of the United States, which will occur as a result of the division of the country. Hardly a couple of years ago, at least someone was serious about this, but if we remember the large-scale American riots, then the prophecies of the Bulgarian clairvoyant no longer seem to be fiction. Political competition between Democrats and Republicans is escalating in the country, no one knows how far it can go.

One of Vanga’s worst predictions is about events in Europe that could happen in 2037. According to the prophecy of the Bulgarian clairvoyant, the continent will turn into a barren and almost lifeless desert as a result of climate change and wars. The fighting will begin in the Middle East, but then move to the territory of the modern European Union.

“European civilization will face a challenge that it has not yet had,” the observers summarize.
Chinese journalists stated that in Wangi’s prophecies, you can indeed find many interesting intersections with real events, but they all can be coincidences. The fact is that the predictions of the clairvoyant were rather vague and difficult to decipher. In this regard, they should be treated as rationally as possible.


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