Chinese married woman sprains her ankle and finds out she is a man

(ORDO NEWS) — A resident of China was admitted to the hospital with a sprained ankle, and later found out that she was a man. This was reported by the local edition of the Global Times.

According to the newspaper, a 25-year-old resident of the eastern province of the PRC named Pingping did not have a period and could not get pregnant.

After the examination, it was found out that she does not have a uterus and ovaries, and the female genital organs are completely underdeveloped. In addition, Pimping has a male Y chromosome, meaning that she is genetically male. At the same time, the doctors failed to find hidden male genitals in her body – experts suggested that they were “degraded”.

Also, Pimping was diagnosed with a congenital disease, possibly caused by closely related marriages in her family.

Earlier it was reported that “live Ken” Rodrigo Alves underwent gender reassignment surgery and became Jessica.


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