Chinese man swam across the Taiwan Strait in a rubber boat

(ORDO NEWS) — No one noticed or stopped the man during his travels through the Taiwan Strait. He managed to make his promenade in a military-type rubber boat. Taiwan’s Minister of National Defense said it was an unacceptable oversight on the part of the navy and maritime patrol.

Reported by The Epoch Times.

Such omissions caused massive outrage. After all, if a Chinese man, as he calmly swam across the strait, it is quite possible that the patrol “turns a blind eye” to contraband.

It is known about the traveler that he is 33 years old, his surname is Zhou. His voyage began on April 30 in the morning. He sailed from Fujian City. The purpose of such an act is to try to find freedom outside of their homeland.

He bought the boat on the website of one of the Chinese shops. The man did not carry personal belongings with him, only 90 liters of fuel. It took him 16,000 yuan to complete it. The whole journey lasted two hours. Zhou sailed to Taichung Port and spoke to local workers. They helped him with food and clothing. When they found out that he had arrived from mainland China, they immediately called the police.

Deputy Director of the National Security Bureau Hu Muyuan said the Maritime Patrol Department was already investigating the incident. Such omissions in the work of local authorities are simply unacceptable. How, with modern technology, not to notice a man in a boat in the middle of the strait? They will also investigate the work of the patrolmen that day.


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