Chinese laboratory accidentally infected thousands of people with bacterial infection

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(ORDO NEWS) — As it became known, a brucellosis leak occurred at one plant, as a result of which more than three thousand people picked up a bacterial infection. The main symptoms of the disease include fever, joint pain, and headaches.

The contamination case was confirmed by Lanzhou County authorities. Brucellosis usually affects livestock, but it can also be transmitted to humans through contact with animals. A total of 3245 citizens needed treatment.

The incident occurred at a state-owned biopharmaceutical plant producing animal vaccines due to an infection spill. It was found that the management used an expired disinfectant between July and August 2019, which ultimately proved to be ineffective against brucellosis.

Not only workers were infected, but also people in the vicinity: gas was spreading from the plant, and bacteria were contained in it. Human-to-human transmission of the virus is reluctant. The danger lies elsewhere: the symptoms that appear can remain with a person for life or appear from time to time. These symptoms include chronic fatigue, cardiac edema, arthritis, and fever.

It is known that today the factory is closed: its license was taken away. How local residents coped with the disease is not known. Research by scientists has shown that the infection is spread mainly by sheep, cattle, and pigs.

Information about the incident became known only recently. For a long time, the story was hushed up, as is now happening with the coronavirus.


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