Chinese Foreign Minister told where the coronavirus came from

(ORDO NEWS) — The virus was officially recognized on December 31, 2019.

The Chinese were the first to suffer, so it is logical that all countries are looking for the source of infection in the Middle Kingdom. China announced its next theory of the origin of the disease.

Wang Yi, China’s Foreign Minister, noted that the epidemic was caused by separate outbreaks at different points around the world. China was only the first to face massive infections.

The theory of the origin of the virus in different places on the planet is confirmed by independent researchers, the Foreign Minister said.

After the defeat of the Celestial Empire, the country’s specialists began their own investigation to identify the pathogen and find out key information about it, including the sequencing of the virus genome.

The problem is that China faces defamation and misinformation. Politicians in different countries hang labels on the virus that directly or indirectly refer it to China. The Chinese authorities deny and will deny the theory that the disease was developed in a laboratory.


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