Chinese expert told how far coronavirus spreads

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Specialists from China, who managed to repay the coronavirus focus in their own country, are now actively advising foreign colleagues on the most effective ways to fight the infection.

The Chinese portal “The Paper” shares with readers tips from an expert from the Huashan Hospital in Shanghai, Professor Zhang Wenhong, on how to better protect yourself from the disease.

Firstly, the specialist pays attention to wearing masks. This obstacle for viruses has nuances. They relate to the use of a protective accessory in different regions of the world.

So, in Asia, a mask is an important element of everyday life. In many countries they are worn simply for protection from the cold, or, as, for example, in Japan, during the period of seasonal allergies, the expert notes.

Thus, in certain societies, such an accessory as a mask is not unusual. Therefore, when the need arose, the population of Asian countries simply complied with the prescriptions of doctors, put on masks, not particularly straining

True, Zhang Wenliang makes a reservation, and wearing masks has its own rules. Let’s say that wearing a mask constantly in places where cases of coronavirus disease are not fixed makes no sense.

The risk of accidental infection is low, respectively, the effect of this protective measure is controversial. At the same time, “mask hype” objectively takes these remedies from those who need them – doctors. Therefore, a reasonable approach is needed: wearing masks in epidemically hazardous areas is mandatory, and in more quiet areas, optional.

Another important point that the professor pays attention to is maintaining a safe distance. This question remains debatable and the answer to it depends on specific circumstances. In general, a distance of one and a half meters is considered an obstacle for a coronavirus.

One can agree with this, but there is real life. And if, for example, we are talking about a conversation between people in high tones, as they say, then you need to stay at a distance of 5-6 meters. Because emotional communication is accompanied by an involuntary spread of saliva, which can contain infection and scatter to the same 5-6 meters, the expert explained.


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