Chinese companies did not join the sanctions

(ORDO NEWS) — The US authorities are trying to put pressure on Chinese companies to join the sanctions, but so far to no avail. China intends to continue supplying semiconductors to Russia.

China has been in warm relations with Russia for a long time, but the Celestial Empire has already grown cold towards the United States. While China does not intend to maintain sanctions against Russia

Washington expected major electronics and semiconductor suppliers from China, such as Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. and Lenovo Group Ltd., will join the US sanctions against Russia. These Western measures are aimed at undermining the country’s ability to buy key technologies and components.

However, China does not intend to do this. “China does not approve of sanctions as a measure to solve problems, especially since we oppose illegal, unilateral sanctions without an international mandate,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said at a regular press briefing in Beijing.

He added that countries “should not harm the legitimate rights and interests of the Chinese side,” according to Bloomberg .

Will China continue to support Russia?

The world’s second economy has become self-sufficient in the semiconductor sector, but for now, China’s tech companies still rely heavily on US patents and equipment.

SMIC continues to use chipmaking equipment from US manufacturers, including Applied Materials Inc. even after she was blacklisted by the US in 2020. If a company fails to comply with US sanctions, it may face increased restrictions that may make it difficult or impossible to obtain licenses.

Chinese companies did not join the sanctions 2

Xiaomi Corp., like most mobile electronics vendors, uses chips from Qualcomm Inc., Qorvo Inc., and Skyworks Solutions Inc., while Lenovo depends on Advanced Micro Devices Inc. and Intel processors.

But given the influence of power on the technology sector in China, it seems unlikely that Chinese companies will make concessions. Not only the Celestial Empire depends on Western technology, but the United States depends on China, because many of the production facilities of American companies are located there.

According to reports , the share of Chinese goods in the US market is growing year by year, while less and less products are coming from the United States to the Celestial Empire.

This means a natural decrease in the dependence of the Asian country on the United States and the diversification of imports, which it sought after the start of confrontation in the field of trade with the United States.


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