Chinese authorities knew about the infectiousness of the coronavirus, but hid it

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — As it became known, from the very beginning, the Chinese authorities knew everything about the high level of infectiousness and danger of the virus, but they tried to hide this information in the hope that they could overcome the strain.

Today, the virus has spread to 200 countries. Perhaps if the world immediately knew about the contagiousness of Covid-19, then so many victims could have been avoided. It was not until January 20, when the coronavirus was already raging in China, the chief sanctuary of the Middle Kingdom, Zhong Nanshan, made an official statement that the virus was transmitted by airborne droplets, and moreover, it was very active.

Authorities secretly sent regional governments instructions on how best to act in a given situation during an epidemic. On January 15, the Inner Mongolia Regional Health Commission, located in northern China, received a number of instructions on how to respond to a new outbreak of the strain.

At least three measures in the document indicated that the Chinese authorities are fully aware of what is happening. For example, medical personnel were required to isolate all patients who had a sharp increase in temperature. The hospitals were also asked to conduct a survey to identify those who were in the Wuhan market.

A separate section of the paper was devoted to the fact that all medical staff should wear masks and suits to protect against infection. Interestingly, on January 14, WHO published on Twitter information based on Chinese studies that the virus is not transmitted from person to person. China then understood that the whole world was misleading.


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